Ohio State Specialty License Plates for Alumni and Friends in Georgia

The Ohio State Alumni Club of greater Atlanta has a limited remaining number of special “BUK” Ohio State branded license plates for Georgia residents.

These plates were made available to the Atlanta Club as a bonus for sponsoring the issuance of Ohio State collegiate plates here in Georgia. Originally numbered 010-101, this is a very limited, unique set of plates that will not be expanded or reproduced.  This is your last opportunity to purchase one of these distinctive Ohio State license plate.

Individuals wanting a BUK plate should contact Atlanta Club President Shanw Murnahan at smurnahan@me.com.  You will need to submit the following:

  • Name
  • County of residence
  • The number plate you want (example – BUK-084)
    • These numbers are still available

BUK035 BUK049 BUK065
BUK037 BUK051 BUK068
BUK038 BUK053 BUK084
BUK039 BUK054
BUK046 BUK055
BUK047 BUK059
BUK048 BUK062

Cost of the plate through the Atlanta Club is $200.  This fee helps support the programs, activities, and scholarships of the Atlanta Club. Payment options include PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or check. Arrangements will be made to have your plate shipped to your local tag office. (If you live in a county with multiple tag offices, please indicate the one you prefer to use.

Please note: when you pick up the plate, the tag office will charge you an additional $80 in fees ($35 specialty tag fee, $25 manufacturing fee and $20 registration fee.)

If you have any additional questions or would like to purchase a plate, please contact Shawn Murnahan at smurnahan@me.com

Pay via Venmo